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Alive joy in the eyes of the near - is the most valuable!

What is it like, your companys` world?

Event on the UNESCO object

Organization and holding of MegaFon corporative event encouraging the company’s employees who won MegaConsultant competition. To organize a social urban action

Organization and holding of MegaFon meeting

New News Format Specially for MegaFon!

Organization and Holding of MegaFon and content providers' meeting concerning the results of the year

Ski Resort and New Year Outdoor Competitions - BytErg New Year Team Building!

BytErg Ski Resort

Social Project by SSHIKOM and MegaFon - Restoration of the Open-Air Museum in Novorossiysk!

Social Project by SSHIKOM and MegaFon - restoration of the Open-Air Museum in Novorossiysk - organized within the framework of a business meeting

First Canon Business Centre in Russia Opened on Banks of the Neva with Support of SSHIKOM!

Opening of the first Canon Business Centre in Russia in St. Petersburg

Baikal Expedition

Fascinating nature of Baikal

Business meeting on gasification results, 2011

Business meeting on gasification results in Ufa

MegaFon Adventures in Zavidovo

Organization and holding of an exit corporative event with teambuilding elements

V All-Russian Forum on Service and Sales in Kazan
Driving Together! Flying Individually?
Russian Fairy Tale in Forests near Moscow - BytErg Corporative Team Building!
Reconstruction of Ancient Master Town with its Traditions and Handicrafts!
Football Tournament "YouCanCanon" with Organizational Support of SSHIKOM!
New Year World Tour for WorldWide Invest AS by SSHIKOM!
The promotional tour to Prague for the Carlo Pazolini staff
The Lake Baikal. Version 2013
Steppe. Chess. Annual Campaign of MegaFon!
Slavic Traditions, Stylized Ancient Houses and Immersion in History with Beeline
Olympic Nights in Sochi!
May Days on the Banks of the Neva!
Karelian Meeting
Ancient Legends of Veliky Novgorod in Nobel Oil Game Event!
The LOST: Save Squirrels and Survive!
Adrenalin and Four Elements Uniting the Company
Precious Places of Sochi in MegaFon Corporative Intensive Tour