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7000 guests took part in gala dinner within the corporate exhibition METRO EXPO 

Clarins promotional campaign within the framework of two concerts of Dima Bilan in St. Petersburg and Moscow

Samsung Galaxy S II Mobile Phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Computer Presentation

Samsung Presentation within the Framework of the Night of the AD Eaters

Moscow stage of the international racing series

Fusion Rutube: Rutube for each one!

Organization of a road show aiming at presentation of alterations in Moya Semya brand

Moscow City Day in Lubyanka Square

Huaweis` new showroom opening in business center Green wood

Make it simple, make business agile

Meeting Planners Russia 2014

Became a partner of the International Forum

Ecofestival in Mnevniki Park

Family festival in Moscow Park!

Amore Siciliana!

Love in Sicilian!

Created for you. Inspired by nature!

Samsung World Tour

Freedom to New Ideas!

Samsung btl action. Technologies of new opportunities.

Nidan Juices. "Happy B-day, Moscow!"
Everything is Serious - Samsung Series 9 Laptop Presentation
Cheese as Art - New Look at Cheese as Product. Outdoor Art Exhibition Devoting to Cheese in Yekaterinburg Streets and VIP Presentation in the Best Restaurant of the City
Samsung Culinary Show at Food Show 2010
Thriller in Style of Stephen King - New Video Game Alan Wake Presentation!
Main Annual Exhibition of Samsung Product Innovations in Russia!
Best Shots from Hit Films of Decade Starring Samsung Laptops!
Organization of Innovation Technology Exhibition by SSHIKOM!
Specially for Those who Establish their Own Rules and Make the Impossible Possible - New Chevrolet Cruze Presentation!
Summer Joys and Team Games on Real Vegetable Patches in the Garden!
Quest Game as Effective Way to Present New Product - Solution for Pioneer by SSHIKOM!
The gala party with Presidential Orchestra and View of Kremlin within Framework of London Stock Exchange Representatives' Social Function
First Canon Business Centre in Russia Opened on Banks of the Neva with Support of SSHIKOM!
Russian Winter Games in Magic Icy Town
Revolutionary concept, vivid performances and Dutch DJ - connected through one network
Architectural splendor
Automechanika powered by MIMS 2013
World of endless possibilities!
6th Birthday of European SC!
Disco-night discounts in European Shopping Center
The opening of mono-store for Samsung in Gorbushka
Visiting Chevrolet Orlando!
Welcome to bada Developer Day!
Information Security Safeline!
Driving Together! Flying Individually?
Everything Serious: Top Laptop at Top Event
Chevrolet Spark - Coming Soon on All City Highways!
Up-to-Date Technologies and Korean Cultural Traditions at Samsung Stand!
Hankook at 2010 Car Exhibition
Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Wave Mobile Phones Presentation in the Very Heart of Russia!
Three Trips to Remote Parts of the World - Samsung Camera Presentation!
Samsung Partner Event in Style of New Year's Venice on Board of Cruise Restaurant!
Learning All School Subjects with the Help of Samsung MP3 Player – Open Lessons in Moscow Streets by SSHIKOM!
Street Challenge in Western Style by Chevrolet and Opel!
Football Tournament "YouCanCanon" with Organizational Support of SSHIKOM!
Brilliant Hunting by Best Content Providers
New Year Press Event in the Style of Cult Studio 54
First Mobile Television Created by MegaFon employees!
Diamonds Mining and Brilliants Cutting with Cornerstone
Heroes of Might & Magic by Nival Interactive!
Blitzkrieg and Great Victory in Nival Interactive Presentation!
International MICE Geography Show 2016
SC European Birthday
A tournament among the cossaks-druzhinniks on military-applied sports
New Drauber plant opening
The Lake Baikal. Version 2013
Teosyal Expert Day III
Promo at the exhibition MosBuild` 2013
Car draw with AJAC
Champion’s luck autograph
Olympic Nights in Sochi!
Climatic Forces' Day in Association Japanese Air Conditioners - Best Dealers Get Together under Association Flag!
Barrier Filter New Year Promotional Campaign - Father Frost Gives Presents to Those Who Choose Best Filters!
New Technologies by Samsung
Boredom-Busters - Samsung Promotional Campaign in Moscow Metro!
Promotional Campaign Aimed at Growth of Barrier Filters Sales!
Provence Honey Apiaries in Moscow Top Shopping Centers - L'Occitane Promotional Campaign by SSHIKOM!
Conference for Canon Partners and Dealers at High Professional Level!
Matrix of Mobile Entertainment - Reconstruction of Virtual Worlds in Real Time!
Night Watch by Nival Interactive Rushes through Dark Streets!
Breakfast about tomorrow
Altai Legends: Top Secret
Samsung Forum "Mobility in enterprise-class"
Samsung Press-Event
Future Today - MegaFon Business Meeting.
New Product Presentation in Format of New Secret Super Weapon Test in Stalin's Underground Bunker - Joint Development by Tesli and Shnider Electric!
Lexus Planet
Actions on Moscow Railway Stations: Letter to Santa Claus, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
Children and youth cossack tournament "Be ready for Labour and Defence"
Evening with Sandvik partners
Partner Event for Sandvik Coromant
Teosyal Expert Day IV
Hankook international freight auto show Comtrans 2013
Mosenergosbyt Partner Conference with Awarding of Best Employees!
Early start of sales of the game Tom Clancy’s The Division
Frost by Ariada - Peak of Perfection!
Closed conference for Samsung partners